Thursday, October 29, 2009

Damon Kruezer Tries to Intimidate a Witness

It now seems that in his desperation Kent Barclay AKA Damon Kruezer has started to attack the person he lied to and stole the money from. Why does this not surprise me? It seems that he never does any wrong in his eyes. Even when he got his mother evicted from her apartment it was not his fault. Damon has lied about who he was and what he is for over a decade. In all actuality someone who claims to be this big industry figure has only met maybe 4 or 5 people who are actually associated with it. It is sad that no one seems to think that strange. He has burned bridges only to try and act like it never happened. He sends out the stupid emails to everyone who he has maligned and asks if they can be friends or at least work together for the betterment of the industry.

I got one, so did several other people I know. He is really nothing more than an Internet stalker who will harass models and anyone else just so he can to get noticed. He has scams running on escort sites where he will post the pictures of models that don’t escort and then sets up fake email accounts and tries to scam potential clients out of money. He has lied about making a movie and scammed $11,000.00 dollars from a gentleman and he used the names of Cybersocket, The Advocate and DNA Magazine to boost his credibility and to help him in this fraud. He claims that he is an agent, producer, video director, publicist published writer and reporter as a way to help him run his scams. This has got to stop.

There is a currently case pending with the Internet Fraud Division of the FBI and the Local Police in the California City where the victim lives and the Boston police as well. What Kent is now doing is witness intimidation and it is against the law. He is trying to get the witness to back down and drop the charges.
That might have worked with anyone else but it is not going to work this time. Kent has burned one to many bridges in the industry. His days of making treats of getting people arrested and charged with crimes, filing false claims with the FBI for 2257 violations and harassing models and posting salacious lies on his website are over. He has crossed the line this time and committed grand larceny and interstate wire fraud.

These are serious crimes and he will be put away for them. All of those who aided and abetted him could very well be charged as well. Kent seems to think that this is a joke but it is not. Every time that he [posts another lie about the victim, every time he claims that he is making this move, every time he makes a threat it is being duly noted and it will add to the charges that he is already facing. This is not a warning or a threat it is a fact. You will be arrested for this crime and you can count on that. Every time you do something stupid it is reported.

This started with a disagreement between the victim and a model, that disagreement has now been resolved. But during the disagreement in an unfortunate mistake the victim got Kent Barclay involved. Kent became involved in his usual capacity as an attack dog. Over time he started to gain the trust of the victim and filled his head with lies about a movie that he was going to produce. He led the victim to believe that all of the negative stuff being said about him was just industry jealousy. If you read the emails and heard the voicemails that Kent sent to the victim it would make you sick. Now I know in typical Kent fashion he will try to fabricate emails to say otherwise but the FBI already has the originals taken directly off of the mail servor complete with all of the IP address information.

And now Kent wants to bad mouth the victim and make him out to be the bad guy. He was not so bad when you took his money now was he Kent. No where in the emails does it say that this was a gift. And when he refused to give you anymore money you begged him. How sad you a supposed big industry figure reduced to begging. You even lied and said that the nonexistent boyfriend of yours “Marc” misapplied the funds. Now that is just sick, this is your mothers eviction all over again Kent. You have lied to and about everyone in the industry, you can not tell the truth to save his soul. Kent Barclay is not telling the truth now I have seen the evidence and it will stick. Good bye Kent Barclay the world will be a better place once you are locked up.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mj Taylor Resurfaces and is ready to take on the world.

After all of the mess that was started on that website that we don't really mention here I can happily say that MJ Taylor is doing fine. I might also add that with a new haircut he also has a new attitude and looking quite fit.He told me that he has lost 20 pounds since this time last year and he is trim toned and tight. you can tell from the picture taken to today that he is in fighting shape.Still a blond dynamo at 5/9 140 lbs he is fit and ready to work you over.

He is currently chilling with his family and doing quite well. You can follow MJ on twitter and chat him up, he is actually a really nice guy contrary to what a faded has been blogger wants you to believe. With his new attitude and his slamming tight body he seems destined for great things. He also briefly discussed the controversy that has been spread and he said that he has moved on and is no longer concerned with petty bullshit. I say more power to you MJ and keep on rocking.

If you want to see MJ in action check out the Cockyboys site
or go over to Brent Corrigans site and check out "The Big Easy

Friday, September 4, 2009

The bumpy road to love

Looking at all of the disastrous relationships in the world of gay porn one can only wonder is it worth it. With the Randall Rivero on again off again romance and the Taylor/Pitt break up and the Corrigan/ Roy break up one can only wonder. Well I have some new intel that can set the records straight here.

Lets start with the Taylor/Pitt relationship. Seems that this was a done deal over a month ago but you know how some people can keep a secret well I am one of them it seems that it was just not meant to be. It’s kind of sad but I never thought it would work and now Jason Pitt is off in New York with Brandon Baker and they are painting the town red. But as for MJ we are not really sure where he is but I hope he is OK.

Now for the latest on the Randall/Rivero commitment seems like one of the members of that relationship should be committed. Yes Derek has an issue with a green-eyed monster and it isn’t Zack. Derek has a little issue with Zack’s popularity and it appears that he has been violent towards Zack at times. Derek is the prettiest thing but I hear he is bat shit crazy.

I have also been informed that Zack does not tweet, it is all Derek, and now they both seemed to have disappeared again. Maybe they are on the run from the law again. Did they go back to Katmandu or did Derek pull a Hannibal Lecture on poor Zack this time.

Word on twitter is that the phones are disconnected and that no emails have been returned. Derek last twittered this morning but as far as I know that was the last anyone heard from them. Seems with all of those recipe posts Derek likes to cook and maybe Zack is the main course. I would not attend any dinner parties at Derek’s in the near future unless you really love you some Zack.

Update: The shit hits the fan. You can read all about it here.
Phillip Ashton spills all the dirt. also Zack and Derek want you all to know that Zack has not been cooked. derek also has a sense of humor about the whole "he cooked Zack" thing.

Update: Well Zack and Derek felt they had to add video proof that Zack is not dead. I thought the story was dead but they felt they had to set the record Gay. Well here is a link to the video. Also I hope Damon Kruezer sees this so he can end his quest of "getting to the bottom of this." So there is video proof that Zack is not Dead and Derek did not eat him. So is this story is over? Who knows? Who cares?

Mean while on the other coast there is trouble a brewing in the Corrigan/Roy business dealings seems that Brent is a little pissed off about the new hot boy in Grant’s house and he wants to be done with the partnership because of it. Or is that just an excuse What I have heard is that Paul; the latest guy in Brent’s life has a serious issue with Grant. So serious that he tried to run Grant down in a drunken rage. Yeah this is the same guy who it is alleged to have assaulted Michael Lucas the night of the GayVN's. And that is why Grant was wearing a cast at the Harlow Cuadra trial. Seems that Brent put on an oscar winning performance and Grant did not press charges.

Well through some digging I found out that Paul has a criminal record and that he has a violent streak but Brent is so in love with that dick that he won't give him up. Sources say that this is going to be the down fall of Brent's career in porn. It seems that Brent won’t work with Grant because of Paul’s issues and Grant is trying to keep things going despite this major issue.

I here that Brent is supporting Paul who is out of work and this is also putting a strain on things. I hear the pay-site is up and ready to go but Brent is being difficult and he is showing his ass in comments on Unzipped. Seems he does not want to share the profits with Grant. He is also trying to make Grant out to be the bad guy. Where have we seen this before?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All the dirt that is fit to print, the latest news in porn

Seems that that BelAmi is getting a new infusion of talent from state side. Corbin Fisher one of my favorite websites is exporting some talent to Prague and in return is getting the use of some of the hot Eastern European models as well. Now maybe these American boys can show those Euro boys how to pop a wad while getting plowed. Now with Derrick and Travis going across the pond in the first wave we are bound to see some serious hot shit come from BelAmi and Corbin Fisher in the near future. I wonder which Belami model will be the first to drive Travis to his first hands free cum shot in Europe. Plus with all of the air travel the mile high club is sure to get plenty of new members.

And Speaking of web based porn it seems that Paul Donahoe the former Nebraska wrestler is going to return to his porn roots again. Seems that there is a special about his ordeal airing on ESPN. And you can read about that on Just one hot minute. Seems that he has been in negotiations with Fratboys to film some new content. After a few false starts it was decided that they would wait until after the special aired on ESPN and use that for the maximum exposure.

Skipping back to the west coast it seems that Micky's is now back in full swing and hosting the party. They have had the grand reopening party and it is just in time for LA pride. Congratulations Micky's and happy gay pride to you. And since we are talking about the west coast we need to mention Brent Corrigan. Seems our little friend is off to PS, (that's Palm Springs for those who are not cool) filming the latest instalment for his Prodigy pictures.

In other Brent news Just one hot minute and Brent Corrigan are now officially affiliated. Seems that the web savvy Mark of Great Atlantic Media has set Brent up with a new website and blog. and Dewayne In Sd is also setting up new blog. They are both in the wordpress format and they are both in Beta testing right now as we speak. So look for the official launch of these two great blogs in the near future. Seems like that is going to piss of a certain unnamed one who was banking on getting a new blog as well. Pity he is still using that outdated format that hurts your eyes and your sensibilities to look at.

Also there is sad news coming from the porn community about a model testing positive for HIV. This time it its in the straight porn community. Seems that AIM has confirmed that a female model has tested positive for the HIV virus. It kind of makes you wonder why they don't use condoms in straight porn. Anyway testing is only good for the day that you get tested. You can not guarantee what models do when they are not on the set. With the economy the way it is and all of the other risks involved in shooting porn it seems that the only companies that are shooting any content are the web based ones.

It seems that consumers are not going for the $69.00 question anymore. When you can get more porn than you can look at online and not be stuck with a seventy dollar coaster. With all of the free sites and the home made stuff being uploaded there seems to be a real problem getting customers to pay for what they can get for free. There is also a big issue of the content as well.

Many companies seem to be pushing the envelope with regards to content, going to extremes to get people to view there product. There seems to be more fetish content and bareback porn flooding the market.

With that being said I'm out of here, I have to go see what is hot and new and free on the Internet. Check back and I will let you know what I have found.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All the dirt that is fit to print.

Tips? Do we get tips? Little birdies just twitter all day and fill your ears with all of the latest dirt.

Well just so you all know there will be a fun little "web chat" this saturday and it will involve a certain Internet scoundral who has been the bain of the Gay Porn Industry for about 10 years. He is going to "come clean" about his dirty dealings in the industry in a live webchat forum.

But I have some scuttlebut about a certain email account that is full of deep and dirty secrets that allot of people want to be kept hidden. Now I can not say who's account has been compromised but suffice to say I have a few gems to tell you about here and now.

And now for some scandal and dirt and innuendo that no one else is willing to share. Seems that there is something weird going on in Quincy Mass. Seems that certain Internet scoundrel is trying to mend his ways. Are his prayers for Internet acceptance being answered? Will he at last be a player in the blog world? I doubt it but he had better get an armor-plated vest because he is going to have a few people gunning for his ass when the truth is revealed.

Seems that there is a little East Coast/West Coast intrigue going on and it seems that a certain someone in Quincy has his tentacles all up in that shit. Is it just me or do these bitches think they are rappers or something all this intercontinental beef. What’s up with that shit?
It seems that a certain purveyor of talent got into a snit with one of his stars and had him removed from his position as a sandwich preparer. Now what is even worse is that this person also caused several other issues for this family man. Seems that this Floridian has issues with people when he does not get his way.

And now for the West Coast dirt. It seems that a former big shot who has taken several iron vacations lately is a little scared of a certain Internet terrorist because of his ability to extort and threaten. Well the king of sock puppets has dirt on this former bigwig and is threatening him with it. Don’t you just feel the love?

Seems that it is not enough for this East Coast jerk to make bogus 2257 complaints but he also likes to get production shut down with bogus drug complaints all at the whim of a certain dick who claims to be private. Seems this dick felt like the production house wronged him and he was a little perturbed and he had his budget henchman do his dirty work for him.

I also have noticed an icy chill in the air when the name is mentioned of certain Liza like impresario who is getting into the talent biz. Seems that the client roster is growing and it is causing issues in WeHo and Florida. All the while this fool from Quincy thinks his ship has come in. Pity that he does not know that it is about to run a ground when all of the people that he has wronged all of these years start to compare notes. No apology emails will help this publicly assisted jerk when the true shit hits the fan. I guess his dreams of being the next Parasite Hilton will be forever ruined pity that.

Update:check this out

The San Francisco institution the Power Exchange is closed

Well I guess I must be out of the loop but it seems that the Power Exchange in San Francisco is closed. It seems that there was some kind of building regulation that was the reason for the closure. The website says that they will be reopening but it seems to be delayed. God do I have some stories to tell you about that place. And if I tell them you can never tell anyone where you heard them. Oh what the hell I don’t care tell the world if you must.

Well I must give you a little history of San Francisco and sex clubs. In 1984 they shut down all of the gay bathhouses because of the whole Aids epidemic and it upset allot of people. I was sort of ambivalent on the subject because I went to the bathhouses and I saw what went on and it was not one of the safest of places to go if you wanted to remain HIV negative. You know with all of the drugs and unsafe sex going on there. It was not the best atmosphere to remain healthy. I guess I was one of the lucky ones who went there and did not get infected. Who knows why but I was spared. Maybe so I could tell my story later on and scare the shit out of future generations.

Well after several years they opened up some sex clubs in SF but they were not like the bathhouses they were just old warehouse where you could go and have anonymous sex with who ever. There was Blow Buddies, which opened up in the former bathhouse HandBall Express that was a few doors away From the legendary Endup. There were a few bars that had back rooms where you could go and get a blowjob or what ever and there was Eros. Eros was the nearest thing to a bathhouse in San Francisco it did not have private rooms though. But things all changed when the Power Exchange opened up. It was this huge place with 4 floors of all types of nasty under one roof and it was bisexual. Yes I said bisexual.

My roommate at the time who works for an adult book store and he would get free passes to allot of clubs. Well he got a bunch of passes to this new club called the power exchange. So he gave me a bunch and said to give them out to people. A good friend and I decided to go one night and find out what it was all about and this is what we discovered. First of all there was a doorman. Yes a doorman and he checked your Id and he explained to you what type of club it was and he asked what your sexual preference was so he could refer you to the appropriate floor.

There were themes on the different floors and one floor was straight and one was gay and the other two were bisexual and it rotated on different nights. He also gave you a description of each floor, which I might add was very limited. You did not truly understand until you walked in and saw it for yourself. Needless to say there were people doing all manner of things all in public view and it did not matter what you were into you could have seen it there

The main floor contained the lobby and it was straight on the night we went. It contained a large room where you could dance to the music that was playing it also had a bathroom and some theme rooms the ones that I remember were the big castle dinning room with a fake roasted pig on the table. There was the jail cell and the western room, the Egyptian theme room, and the castle dungeon.

The basement was a bit more interesting it was choke full of surprises. There were glory holes and mazes and movie rooms and there were medical examining rooms, torture rooms, military rooms and a bathroom on it as well. You name it they had it and it was all viewable by who ever walked by. There was not a door in the place. The place was huge and it had allot of stairs too.

The second floor was the most fun. It was the Enchanted Forrest complete with fake trees and tents. Little pup tents and big family tents and pathways and a couple of mazes and a movie room and a few semi private areas with beds and no doors. A smoking room/lounge and a big formally grand bathroom with Marble walls but no showers. There was a DJ booth and a person who would supply you with condoms and lube. This floor is where I had some serious fun. I always loved camping.

The top floor was had a big open center where you could dance and on the perimeter there were more semi private areas with mazes and semi private areas also a big screen movie theater and another bathroom also no showers. There was an elevated maze with glory holes and that was pretty much it. My friend and I went about 4 times and it was ok but it was not really my thing but I always had fun. I met a couple of really fun people there and we hung out away from the club.

Then one night I was talking to my roommate he said that he got a couple of passes to the fetish ball and he did not want to go because he had a date and asked if I wanted the tickets. So I said what the hell since I had never been to one of those events. I called my friend and we decided to go to the ball. Oh did I not tell you it was at the Power Exchange? Well I had never seen the place so packed and it was just a straight up trip to see people doing all of this stuff in public.

Now I have been to the Folsom Street fair and the Dore Alley fair and most of the different street fairs in San Francisco but they were tame compared to what I witnessed on this night.
You name the fetish it was being performed right there in front of you. There were boys and girls in cages and on leashes. Girls dressed as men and their boyfriends dressed as girls. People were getting examined on the medical tables and spanked on the racks. Naked people, people in costume, people doing any manner of thing that you could imagine. And we got in free, yippee.

I saw the cutest boy dressed as a girl with his girl friend dressed as a boy and she strapped him on a rack and pulled up his skirt and spanked his cute little ass with a riding crop. Then she proceeded to fuck his brains out with a strapon while his friend another guy dressed as a girl sucked his cock while his girlfriend dressed like a guy fucked him with a strap on. All the while an older couple, a man with his wife both naked and in leather harnesses with her on her hands and knees and a leash were watching. She stopped eating from her bowl on the floor and she started to suck him off and then he fucked her right there in the middle of all this. Several couples were watching this entire thing going on and they all started to get in to it and it was soon a full on fuckfest. If you did not move out of the way quick enough you too would have been in the middle of the fray.
Now I am by no means a prude but this was just too much for me to take in all at one time. You know it was enough to make your head explode with people fist fucking and getting fucked and sucking cock and eating cooter all right there in front of you. I felt like was in the movie Caligola. I did not know whether to be turned on or repulsed. Lets just say that once I walked away from that scene and I cooled off a little. I did not take to long before I got into some nasty shit myself. And I felt so vanilla after watching what I had just witnessed. You know I really have not told this story too many people because most people would not understand let alone believe it. But I guess if you are reading my blog you have a freaky side and you can appreciate it.
The reason this memory got stirred up tonight is because I was going to take a friend to the Power Exchange and when I went online to see if it was still open I found out that is currently closed. How sad for him that he did not get to see what a trippy place it was. But I hear it might reopen and maybe then I can take him and he can see that me and him are not the only true freaks out there.

Friday, April 17, 2009

All the dirt that is fit to print update:

It seems that the porn industry is all a twitter, literally I mean all the bitches are telling the world what they are doing at any given time and do we really care? Well I will admit that I have a twitter account now and I'm a twit. Is that the term for those who use it, we are a twits right? Well now that I have that off my chest I will move on to more stirring news. Seems that there is a stir up over ASG, (Angel’s slut Garden) website no longer available :-(. Seems like Angel has stepped away from the site but that has not been confirmed just yet. But on a sad note Angels precious kitty has passed away. My deepest condolences to you Angel at this time of great sorrow.

There were some mad accusations made about my favorite cutie Kurt Wild. Seems the "fuck me like you mean it" star has been falsely accused of absconding with funds from the troubled web site. Well Kurt has set the record straight and it seems that there is no bad blood between the main trio. There are those who are claiming that there is bad blood somewhere but no one can seem to find it. Kurt has nothing negative to say about Angel and Brad and the same goes for them about Kurt. Seems the only one who is trying to stir up shit with regards to this situation is that under the bridge troll Rezeurk Nomad.

He is so busy making up shit that he missed out on the news that two of his past obsessions are in love and tattooed to prove it with pictures on the site that he claims was so fifteen minutes ago. Always one to be left out of the loop Rezeurk Nomad is on a bender and it seems he thinks that he has a snowballs chance in hell of getting his latest script produced The Fast and the Curious. I guess he thinks that the industry has forgotten about the crap he caused with Brad’s Buddies..

Well back on the subject of Love seems Mj Taylor and Jason Pitt have struck up a nice little relationship after they’re meeting at the GayVN’s. Seems that that they now have one half each of a Star tattoo. Now that is just so cute. Seems that love is in the air. At least something good came out the GayVN’s. Could this mean a remake of the Blond leading the Blond? Chi Chi are you reading this? Get in there will the fire is still hot!

And speaking of the GayVN’s seems that the other great controversy that was the awards has lead to a restraining order placed on one of the east coast/west coast participants. You can guess who is not to come within 300 feet of whom. Do I think this is really necessary? Well to tell you the truth I think the whole thing is stupid and they should just let it die like the career of a certain someone who refuses to go away.

So as far as any other dirt or juicy gossip well there is the reappearance of Robbie Angel who from his recent photos is better looking now than he was then and he is still just as flexible too. Oh yeah and that boy has an ass that porn fans should fall in love with all over again. The one (with the new hair cut) represents him. Yeah I read his twitter message. Speaking of Jason Seacrest he is at the reopening of Micky's in West Hollywood for Cocktails with the Stars. Yes his new venture Dv8 has a pretty good roster of talent. And he just might be doing a little schmoozing at Micky’s tonight. So if you see him tell him I said Hi. So I guess that is all of the dirt that is fit to print for now. Now it is back to looking at porn and telling you all what is hot and what is not. Later bitches.